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Butterfly House - Natural Cedar Butterfly House Butterfly Houses & Feeders Section - Lovely Butterfly Houses for your garden! Slots in the Butterfly Houses keep birds out while giving butterflies protection from the wind and weather. Place the butterfly house in your garden, and when it gets cool at night the butterflies seek shelter and may use your house. By having a nectar source close by (flowers and/or our butterfly feeder) butterflies are more likely to visit your butterfly house. Each Butterfly House has a door for cleaning and for placing long twigs inside to give butterflies a nice resting spot. Have fun and take delight in watching your beautiful new neighbors enjoy their home.

Natural Cedar Butterfly House
If you are considering a butterfly house but the bright colors turn you off, then think about this Natural Cedar Butterfly House for your garden. It has 3 small butterflies on it; 2 on the roof and one on the front. This way, everyone who walks through your garden will know what the house is going to be used for. Each house is individually painted by our on-staff artist, who’s studio is down the road from our shop. It is 11 ½ inches tall with three openings for the butterflies. It is hand crafted and designed to be used outdoors. It is easy to remove a side so that you can add anything that you think your butterflies will need during the rough weather months.

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