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Ladybug Life Cycle Figurines

Ladybug Life Cycle Figurines

Lady Bug Rearing Kit Section - We offer 2 fun Live Lady bugs Kits! With our Lady bug Rearing kit, you can discover the metamorphosis of a real live ladybugs. Mail the certificate in the kit to receive your Pink Spotted ladybug larvae. The see-through domed habitat allows you to get a bug's eye view as you watch the small alligator-shaped larvae eat their special food and drink from "water bubbles." OR try the Adult Ladybug Kit - when you mail the coupon you get up to 100 adult ladybugs to watch - WOW! Be sure to check out our other Live Animal Kits.

Ladybug Life Cycle Figurines
Use these soft plastic ladybug life cycle figures to teach how this popular insect grows! Four stages include eggs, larva, pupa and adult. Accurately sculpted and painted to reflect the ladybug's true colors. Great to use with our Ladybug Land kit. Ages 3+.

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