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'Ladybug Barn' Ladybug House, lady bug houses

Wildlife Houses & Feeders – We have homes for birds, bats, bees, ladybugs and even toads! Most of our houses are individually hand-painted, so slight variations in the painting occur and serve to enhance the originality of each piece. Our unusual designs are unique and will make a perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for gardener or nature lover in your life. Have fun with our wildlife houses and take delight in watching your interesting new neighbors enjoy their home. Also be sure to check out our Butterfly Houses & Feeders!

Because ladybugs infest homes yearly once they’ve started, many homeowners will put out a Ladybug House for them to overwinter in the next year, in hopes they will stay in the ladybug house instead of in their home.

Round Ladybug House
A very attractive addition to any garden! The natural wood is treated to last outside, and has natural ladybug sized openings for ladybugs to enter. A fun ladybug border adorns the top and bottom...
‘Ladybug Barn’ Ladybug House
Place this handmade natural wood ladybug house in your garden to provide a safe haven for and attract hungry pest-eating ladybugs. 3 wooden 3-D ladybugs make this item charming! The crevice entra...
Red Roof Ladybug House
Place this handmade ladybug house in your garden to provide a safe haven for and attract hungry pest-eating ladybugs. These ladybug houses have been hand painted with a red roof and are decorated...
Peaked Roof Ladybug House
We love the unusual triangle shape of this 8" tall ladybug house. It is left natural to blend into your garden, with a dark brown roof and a light brown front. It is a good size at 5.8"x 4.5" x 8...
Cedar Bat House
Place our Bat Houses near your home to attract hungry pest-eating bats. Bats consume mosquitoes, grasshoppers, moths, flies, crickets, gnats and even fruit flies. A single brown bat can eat up to...
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Metal Roof Mason Bee House
Mason bees find holes in wood to nest in, so this house provides the perfect environment to attract many of these non-aggressive pollinators. A perfect addition where trees, flowers, fruits and h...
Mason Bee House
The Mason Bee House is the perfect addition to any yard where trees, flowers, fruits and herbs need to be pollinated. This adorable little house will attract Mason Bees, which are safe and docile...
The “Bee Hive” Bee House
Isn't this so adorable? Cute bee-hive shaped wood bee house. Mason Bees are non-aggressive, and they don't live in hives but instead seek shelter in existing holes. This Bee Hive Bee House replic...
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Green Ceramic Toad House
This ceramic toad house is dark green so it blends into your garden and features an adorable subtle mural of leaping toads. It's also labeled "Toad House" so the toads know they can live there! W...
A-Frame Toad House
This charming, useful garden accent will encourage toads to take up residence in your garden. This cute A-Frame style house is hand-made from cedar. One toad can eat up to 15,000 slugs, cutworms,...
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Toad Dome Home
Each toad house has a happy toad waiting above the doorway to welcome guests. This item is hand-made by a local artist. This toad habitat will not only attract and house toads but it will be a lo...
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Paint Your Own Bird House
Comes assembled, ready to paint. Attract birds by painting bright colors and designs on this 6.5" tall wooden bird house. Includes 4 paint colors and paintbrush. The metal hanging chain allows fo...