Bug Watching with Children

As spring gathers speed and the clocks go forward to allow us more daylight it’s a perfect time to get out in the garden or some local woodland and do some bug watching.

Children are fascinated by bugs and love to pick them up and handle them so they can view them at close quarters.  Their different textures, shapes, and colors will enthrall them, let them count the legs and wings of different bugs and explain what each one is and what it does.  Take a digital camera with you so you can record all the bugs you’ve sighted and you can research together on the internet any that you’ve spotted that you are unsure of.

Bug watching is a great way to explain nature and the cycle of life to children, describing how a caterpillar will turn into a butterfly one day, how ants work together as a team, and that bumbles bees make honey will have your child thirsty for more nature knowledge. Take time to explain which bugs are friendly and which should be avoided in case they sting or bite. Have you child look under logs and in holes in trees, as well as on flowers and the underside of leaves to find lots of interesting bugs.

Getting your child to draw pictures of the bugs you see is a brilliant way to further develop his or her love of the great outdoors, you can make a scrap book for all the pictures drawn and photographs taken as a keep-sake or turn it into a bug watching diary.

The great thing about bug watching is that you need very little equipment – just some nice weather, a pad and pencil and maybe a magnifying glass.

Another great way of bug watching is to invest in a bug watching kit.  Nature Gift Stores sells a variety of brilliant live bug watching kits ranging from ladybugs kits to multicolored ant and worm farms, so your children can watch nature up close and personal in the comfort of their own home or backyards.

Multi-colored Ant Farms

Nature Gift Stores ships to all of continental US.

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