5 Great Houseplants for Children

Creating little green fingers can be a rewarding experience for both parent/teacher and child alike and a fun project to start at any time of the year.

Ideal houseplants for young children to look after should be interesting, colorful  if possible, and crucially, hard to kill.  We’ve put together a list of houseplants that we think fit the bill perfectly to start your journey of indoor gardening together.

Before you begin growing houseplants with your children, make sure they realize that houseplants shouldn’t be eaten and make sure that any plants you have are non-toxic and non-irritant.  The following plants should be avoided: Azalea, Daffodils, Holly and Mistletoe (berries are poisonous), Hyacinth, Mistletoes, Mountain Laurel, Oleander, Philodendron, and Ranunculus.

Venus Fly Traps

Venus fly traps and other carnivorous plants make for great houseplants, they are easy to grow from seed, easy to care for, and last for years.  Children will love watching them devour flys and other small bugs.

Lily Pads

It’s remarkable quick and easy to grow your own lily pads.  Just drop your seeds in the bowl of water and watch in awe as they sprout in less than two weeks. Roots will start forming a couple of weeks later, and before you know it, you will see your own LilyPads popping out.

Cacti and Succulents

Cactus are great for older children who will be able to handle them without hurting themselves.  They are almost impossible to kill and come in a wonderful variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes. They are also very easy to grow from seed and only need watering once a month.  You can create a wonderful cactus garden that takes up very little space.

Mini Cactus Kit

Mini Cactus Kit

Dinosaur Plant

A Prehistoric evergreen that keeps coming back to life! This one-of-a-kind marvel has lived on the Earth for over 290 million years and has the ability to “come back to life” over and over again for hundreds of years! Place this seemingly dead ball of foliage in water and within hours it transforms into a vibrant green evergreen! Let it dry out and it will return to the dried state it ships in. This fantastic specimen can hibernate for up to fifty years and will spring to life every time it is given water.

‘Tickle Me’ Plant

These plants actually move when touched! Spark the interest of young, curious scientists and plant lovers of all ages. Grow your ‘Tickle Me Plant‘ from seeds and watch it move when tickled! Exciting for every child and an educational experience they will never forget.

Can you remember your first houseplant?  What was it?

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