Planting a Vegetable Garden with Children

Children are fascinated by watching things grow, and now is the perfect time of year to get a small vegetable garden going for you and your children to enjoy.

The beauty of gardening is that you don’t necessarily need a big space, many vegetable and fruits can be potted in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes if you don’t have room in your yard for a vegetable plot.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables will also make your children much more likely to eat what they’ve grown, perfect for little fusspots who normally don’t eat their greens!

Here are some great vegetables and fruits that you can grow with your children:

Cherry Tomatoes

Not only are these sweet and delicious to eat, they can also be grown in a smallish container or hanging basket if you don’t have room in the ground.  They are relatively easy to grow and as long as they are watered regularly, will reward you with plenty of juicy fruit.

Mustard and Cress

Super quick and can be grown indoors on a damp piece of kitchen towel on a shallow tray, old margarine tub or even in painted egg shells – perfect for an Easter project!

Beans and Peas

Again these can be grown in pots if you don’t have enough room in your garden, just ensure they are properly supported and sheltered from any winds.  The benefit of growing peas and beans is that they grow relatively quickly and generally do better at this time of year rather than when it’s much warmer.

There is also something very satisfying about podding your own peas, although most will end up being eaten before they get to the cooking pot!


Salad Leaves

These are much easier to grow than full lettuces, and can be cut two or three times and grow back.  Grow a variety of different leaves in a shallow container and pick often to avoid bolting.


Obviously, there’s no quick return with pumpkins, but at least your children will receive a lesson in patience.  But, how better to celebrate Halloween with a carved pumpkin or to tuck into a pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving that they have grown themselves.


It’s probably best to pick varieties that are not too spicy to eat.  Radishes are quick and easy plants to grow at this time of year.

What are your favorite vegetables to grow with children?


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