Butterfly Food: Butterfly Nectar

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Butterfly Food: Butterfly Nectar

Butterfly Nectar contains a healthy, formulated diet for all species of butterflies. You can use a butterfly feeder or some homemade equipment to mount the butterfly food. One box makes about 3 quarts of butterfly food, enough for several months of feeding.



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Maintaining a flower garden can be a difficult task. But you can get help from pollinators such as butterflies. The presence of colorful butterflies also adds to the beauty of your garden. You can attract butterflies to your garden by adding host plants, providing water and shelter, and by avoiding pesticides.

You can use Butterfly Nectar to lure fluttering butterflies to your garden. It is a specially prepared mix of natural ingredients which you can use to entice various species of butterflies.

You can place it in or near a butterfly house. It will encourage the butterflies to take shelter in the house during the night or bad weather. Once they make the butterfly house their home, they will help in making your garden blossom.


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