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Please note that we only ship within the United States.
Lighted Ecosystem Ant Habitat SHIPPED WITH LIVE ANTS
Ants and Plants live in a perfectly balanced environment. This amazing gel eco-terrarium reproduces life in a terrarium. Watch ants dig tunnels and the plants develop their roots before your ...
$33.95 to $44.95
LIVE Adult Venus Fly Trap
Live healthy adult sized Venus Flytrap Plant with a 4.5" diameter terrarium. Will have at least 3 traps on it, ready to gobble a bug! A 'death trap' for insects! ...
Complete Butterfly Kit – Painted Lady Butterflies
LIVE Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillars with food ship WITH your kit.Cage choices: 3 foot tall hanging net cage with easy access zipper and hanging hook. OR 12" tall pop-up cage, ...
REFILL ONLY for Painted Lady Butterfly Kit
Ready to rear butterflies again? Buy more caterpillars here!Includes everything you need EXCEPT the net cage.You get: a Mister, butterfly feeder, sugar, eye dropper, instructions, coloring page, and caterpillars.5 caterpillars ...
LIVE Pet Aquatic African Dwarf Frogs: Complete Kit
Complete kit - has everything you need to keep this fascinating pet! Watch your LIVE pet dwarf frogs play among the plants all day!A wonderful way to teach children the ...
LIVE Ants: Refill Your Ant Farm! Order LIVE ANTS
Instructions and approx. 25 LIVE healthy red Harvester ants for ant farms ready to tunnel though your ant farm.We ship live ant farm ants all year to anywhere in the ...
$7.45 to $12.95
The LARGEST viewing area of any Ant Farm habitat! Giant 15"x10" viewing areaIncludes water feeder, tunneling sand, and illustrated 'Ant Watcher's Guide.'Mail the certificate in the kit (extra $5 required ...
$23.95 to $39.95
Sold Out
Giant Lighted Ecosystem Ant Habitat SHIPPED WITH LIVE ANTS
3 TIMES LARGER than other Gel Farms! Plus LIGHTS UP.Ants and Plants live in a perfectly balanced environment. This amazing gel eco-terrarium reproduces life in a terrarium. Watch ants dig tunnels ...
$38.95 to $49.95