Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit

Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit
Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit With 5 Caterpillars

Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit
Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit With 10 Caterpillars

Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit
Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit With 32 Caterpillars

Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit
Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit

Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit

Are you ready to rear butterflies again? Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit will allow you to grow butterflies one more time and enjoy the wonderful process of metamorphosis. Everything you’ll need for a successful butterfly-growing project has been provided in this kit, except for the butterfly habitats.

  • The kit includes caterpillars, water mister, butterfly feeder, sugar, sugar water dropper, coloring page, and instructions.
  • 5 caterpillars are sent in 1 cup, 10 caterpillars are sent as 2 cups of 5, and school-size of 32 caterpillars are sent with 32 little cups for the kids.
  • We guarantee that 3 out of every 5 caterpillars will grow into happy, adult butterflies.
  • You can release your butterflies outside after observing them if it’s over 50°F.
  • LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED! Please do not order if it’s below 40°F or above 85°F in your area. Our live arrival guarantee will be void if ordered during these temperatures.

How to Make an Easy Butterfly Cage

Recommended for ages 4 years and up, with adult supervision
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 years



5 LIVE Caterpillars: REFILL ONLY (Everything Except The Habitat)

10 LIVE Caterpillars: REFILL ONLY (Everything Except The Habitat)

32 LIVE Caterpillars: School Size REFILL ONLY (Everything Except The Habitat)
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Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit lets you have a go at butterfly-growing fun once again. Raise your own butterflies with the help of detailed instructions and included accessories. Each cup contains about 5 painted lady caterpillars. For the Caterpillar to Butterfly Kit for School, we send 32 caterpillars in 1 cup.

Your Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit Will Contain

  • 5 or 10 or 32 painted lady caterpillars
  • Water mister
  • Butterfly feeder with cotton wick
  • 2 packets of sugar
  • A sugar water dropper
  • Butterfly life cycle coloring page
  • Kit Instructions

Unique Gift to Share Nature’s Wonders

The life cycle of a butterfly is a beautiful example of metamorphosis. The opportunity to grow butterflies is a wonderful gift for nature lovers of all ages. While raising butterflies, kids always get excited to watch their caterpillars grow bigger by the day. Growing butterflies and learning about life cycles helps them connect with our world and engages them with nature.

This practical experience also fills them with a sense of accomplishment as they get a chance to raise pretty painted ladies from small caterpillars. Taking care of their caterpillars and providing them everything they need to transform also teaches kids about responsibility.

Step-by-step Instructions and Helpful Accessories

The butterfly refill kit comes with detailed instructions to guide you. Growing butterflies will be a child’s play. Caterpillars will take about 3 weeks to grow into butterflies. The instructions cover all the stages of their life cycle and how to take care of them during every stage.

The mister helps in creating a gentle mist for your butterflies inside their habitat. The resulting humid environment promotes their growth. You can enjoy feeding sugar water to your butterflies with the help of butterfly feeder. You can also offer them slices of freshly cut fruits.

Satisfaction Guaranteed for Nature Lovers

Butterfly raising projects are exciting opportunities for nature lovers. After the project ends, you can continue to feed and observe your butterflies in their habitat. There is much that can be learned from adult butterflies as well. Did you know that they taste with their feet? It’s amazing and a little funny to watch this happen when you put a sugar water drop near their feet inside the habitat.

As butterflies live for a short period of time, we recommend releasing them outside when the temperature outside is above 50°F. This will allow them to freely live out the rest of their life in nature. They might linger and happily spend some time sipping on nectars around your house before flying away.

17 reviews for Painted Lady Caterpillar Refill Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    We ordered the caterpillars and butterfly house for our girls (ages 2 and 3) for Easter and it has been the most interesting, educational, amazing process to watch!!

  2. 4 out of 5

    The kit came with 6 caterpillars (one extra) so two unfortunately they didn’t get enough to eat and we lost those. But so far we have had two butterflies hatch and my kids are excited about them. All in all we are pretty satisfied.

  3. 5 out of 5

    The caterpillars arrived quickly and my Kindergarten class loved watching them grow and become cocoons. They were so excited when the butterflies came out.

  4. 5 out of 5

    I teach preschool and we had the butterflies during our insect unit. My kit actually contained 6 live caterpillars, all of which made it through the full life cycle before my students’ eyes. When we let them go, we were even able to put the butterflies on the kids’ hands! It was such a great experience for the kids.

  5. 5 out of 5

    I recieved a message the day before to let me expect them and keep them out of the weather. All six lived to become butterflies. When I added 2 small plants into their habitate, they mated and I now have leaves full of eggs.Getting ready to plant my plants in the yard this weekend and hoping I will have a steady suppy of butterflies in the yard over the next few weeeks.

  6. 5 out of 5

    very are very happy with our caterpillars. We actually got 6 in the jar. (although one did not ever emerge from the chrysalis. My boys -in 2nd grade and kindergarten- enjoyed them.

  7. 3 out of 5

    It was a great experience to watch the caterpillars grow and change. But one of our caterpillars died, which was upsetting and disappointing.

  8. 5 out of 5

    The first shipment arrived with dead caterpillars, but they stood behind their product, and sent a new box directly out-all arrived safe and sound. My grandson LOVES watching them and releasing them. Great product!

    Lori Gregory

  9. 3 out of 5

    I only had two caterpillars come in my pack. That being said, they were both healthy and went through the total transformation. I loved the feeder and sugar that were included.

  10. 5 out of 5

    The students were so excited to watch the caterpillars!! I love to see my students engaged in learning. They would write about butterflies in their Journal.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Ordered 5 caterpillars, got 7 and they all came alive and all made it to butterflydom. Would do it again. Kids loved it.

  12. 5 out of 5

    We had so much fun watching our caterpillars and then wait as they formed into butterflies. We had 4 of 5 live and we released them in the backyard. Highly recommend!

  13. 5 out of 5

    We just received our 2 tadpoles and 10 caterpillars today in the mail. We actually got 14 caterpiallrs.. I guess just incase some die upon arrival. All are alive and well. Thank you!

  14. 5 out of 5

    I received 6 caterpillars and they all were healthy. They all turned into beautiful butterflies

  15. 2 out of 5

    I ordered 10 caterpillars that came in two separate containers. They were a joy to watch hatch! Unfortunately, only one hatched from one of the containers….and four hatched in the second container! Regardless, we are going to try another order and hope we have better luck.

  16. 5 out of 5

    Awesome!! Loved everything. Comes with a few extra caterpillars (bought the 32 refills) to make sure that you get your money’s worth in case there’s a chance that one or two don’t make it during shipping. I bought these for myself and transferred them into larger containers with breathable lids for them. The kit came with sugar and a container for the sugar water when the caterpillars turn into butterflies which was a huge plus because I had no idea the kit came with that! Great instructions very helpful. Awesome for a classroom or something for yourself just for fun!

  17. 5 out of 5

    The Caterpillar to Butterfly Classroom Kit was very fun for my students. They enjoyed observing the transformation. They also enjoyed watching them eat and move around.The students enjoyed putting the caterpillars and food in their individual containers. The kit was shipped very quickly. The caterpillars arrived safely and alive. All the materials that came with the kit made it easy to put everything together and ensured we had everything we needed to watch a successful metamorphosis. I will be using this kit again in the future.

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