Live Red Worms

Worm Farm

Live Red Worms

Whether you are looking to create your own observational worm farm or looking for more inhabitants for your Worm Farm Observation Kit, these redworms are an excellent choice for all purposes. They are ideal for children’s experimental learning in classrooms or at home.

  • Includes 20 live red worms plus a few extra, with soil.
  • LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED! Please do not order if it’s below 40°F or above 85°F in your area. Our live arrival guarantee will be void if ordered during these temperatures.



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From simple eco-friendly hobbies to a devoted vermiculture setting, redworms find their use in a number of activities. Put on your farmer’s hat and get your hands dirty with some experimental worm farming!

A Funducational Project For Kids

Redworms can be used to teach children about the important role that various creatures play in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Teaching kids about the advantages of composting and adopting an eco-friendly behavior are also becoming more and more necessary in today’s world. Children can observe these wiggly creatures in their observational worm farms and learn about soil ecosystem as well as sustainable living.

Redworms require very little maintenance and can thrive in worm farms for weeks without requiring any special attention. If you don’t already have a worm farm habitat, you can make one by yourself using an empty jar and some soil from your backyard.

Nature’s Own Composting Units

Your redworms will be 1.5 – 2.5 inches in length. They are ideal for vermicomposting and are commercially used for it. In this process, the worms eat and break down vegetable and food waste. The end product of this process is called vermicast, which is highly beneficial for plants when added to the soil.

Kids can observe their redwords dig tunnels in their worm farm habitat. Red worms like to dig tunnels and help aerate the soil. This allows roots of the plants to get oxygen. Digging tunnels also improves water drainage and prevents the roots from getting waterlogged.

Redworms Are Easy to Keep

Red worms will adapt to most conditions in which you keep them. They are hardy creatures. In order to be active in eating and reproducing, they require a temperature of 60°F to 75°F. Inside their habitat these redworms will be busy digging tunnels and mixing the soil to increase soil fertility.

When keeping worms to observe their cool behavior, you’ll have to keep the soil moist. They won’t be able to dig tunnels when the soil dries up. These worms don’t make a fuss when it comes to food though. You can feed them vegetable waste or fruit waste and they’ll eat it happily.


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